norma ruiz guerrero

Communication is about perspective: 

The ability to look at the familiar from an unfamiliar point of view. It's much more than speaking another language.


I'm a bilingual copywriter with expertise in US Hispanic and digital advertising & marketing. I create original ads in Spanish or take your general market campaign and reconfigure it into a meaningful message that your Spanish speaking audience will not only understand, but love! 

OK, that's what I do, but here are 5 things that make me special.

1. I was the official translator in my grade school.  

2. In the mid 90's, 2 smart guys and myself ran a digital boutique agency in NM and won tons of awards for our work. 

3. I studied in 2 U.S. Universities and 1 in Mexico.


4. I speak, think and write Spanish/English flawlessly [sans accents]. My French is coming along fantastically, and I dabble in Italian. 

5. I'm a road trip aficionado, here are my favorite trips and I'll tell you why:

    a. XICO: I saw 90% of the country in 5 years - it felt like                 being in many countries. This was before the cartel                           crisis; leaving as the most difficult. 

    b. CUBA: 2 weeks of surreal amazement - akin to time travel, 

        forward and backward at the same time. I sensed

        a peaceful but desperately quite longing for a life they 

        haven't quite imagined.  

    c. USA: The South was, by far, the most endearing. I'd forever 

        longed to meet some of the characters in those 

        unforgettable Tennessee Williams' films- perhaps it's not 

        quite like that anymore,  but the accents and the food were 

        deliciously reminiscent.   

    d.  ITALY: The language barrier made it very difficult, but the 

         Italian men made it worthwhile! 


Soy redactora bilingual en publicidad tradicional y digital. Mi trabajo varía según el cliente, es decir, un día me piden escribir copy en Español para una página web, y al otro, estoy creando una campaña completa para la tele. También he escrito un guión para cine y otro para un programa nuevo en television Latino Americana. 

Bueno a esto me dedico, pero allí les van 5 detalles que me hacen distinta.  

1. Fui la traductora oficial en la primaria (en California). 

2. En los 90's, 2 chavos y yo formamos una agencia digital en NM, en la cual nos llevamos montón de premios por nuestros proyectos. 

3. Estudié en 2 universidades en los Estado Unidos y en una Mexicana. 

4. Hablo, pienso y escribo perfectamente en Español/Inglés (sin asenso en ninguno). Mi Francés va que vuela, y en Italiano me defiendo, mas o menos. 

5. Soy aficionada a los viajes por carretera, aquí están mis favoritos y porqué. 

    a. MÉXICO: Vi el 90% del país durante 5 años- me 

         pareció como estar en varios países. Esto fue antes               

         de la crisis con los carteles; me costó mucho trabajo  

         regresar a los USA. 

     b. CUBA: 2 semanas de fascinación surreal- como viajar a través          del tiempo, hacia adelante y hacia atrás al mismo tiempo.     

         Sentí un tranquilo y desesperadamente callado deseo por una 

         vida que aún no se han imaginado exactamente. 

      c. USA: El Sur del país fue, sin duda, mi favorito porque tenía            hartos deseos de conocer aquel interesantísimo mundo de 

         Tennessee Williams- tal vez ya no existe pero el hablar de la            gente y su comida fue una aproximación deliciosa. 

      d. ITALIA: Mi falta de hablar el idioma me lo puso muy difícil, 

         pero los galanes Italianos me facilitaron todo! 

This is some of what I do for my clients

    RX Bilingual Writer

From writing original content to reviewing existing campaigns and making the necessary fixes to insure that your message is relevant and culturally responsible. If your customer is Spanish speaking, I make sure your copy reflects your brand's integrity by saying it right the first time. 

Although I do not recommend that you ever  'translate' your copy, I can adapt your campaign for the intended target. This means rewriting your original which may change a little  or a lot, depending on the content of your message.       


I take your brand's message and create the culturally relevant version, whether that be in Spanish - English - Spanglish, or all three.

  • Websites, documents, brochures, conference materials, programs, scripts, subtitles, etc.   

  • Television 
    :30 spots / TV shows / Infomercials
  • Radio 
  • Long-form video 
  • Print
  • Web / Social Media / Digital
  • Movie & TV scripts

Latino Market Consultant

With 15 years of creative experience in top NYC Hispanic agencies, I've learned first hand what works, what doesn't and why. I'll show you how to avoid the pitfalls of bad translations, adaptations, confusing creative ideas and overly-eager-to-please account execs which are costing corporations millions of dollars per year. 

As your Hispanic marketing consultant, I review existing campaigns and identify mistakes before they hit the air. I work on a per/project basis or on retainer, becoming your 'go to' person for the small and large questions and problems.

I'm not an agency but I will teach you how to effectively communicate with your Hispanic agency and it's creative team in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Who to ask 
What to expect 
How to talk to the creatives
How to talk to account execs
Debriefing the brief
Learning to trust

When to move forward and when to step aside.
The Abuela factor and how to use it correctly.

All about guerrilla marketing and why it still works.

Social Media en Español

The 2012 Pew Research Center released the results of their social media usage survey. Again, Latinos were found to use social networking sites 72% more than their white and black counterparts. With the median age of Hispanics being around 28, as the young 'Spanglish-speaking' uber-digital Latinos come of age, these numbers will only increase.  


There are two basic groups in this arena, the young Latinos who are tech-saavy and digitally acculturated and the slightly older more traditional audience who dabble cautiously online. Targeting both is crucial to the success or failure of your digital campaign. I'll show you which is which, and help you create content that informs, entertains and keeps them both engaged. 

Such as:

When you need to say more

When less is best

Why funny works

Why words like 'Data' never translate well. 

When online Spanglish goes a wry.


  • What you write about is important as how you write it. Although tempting, boasting about your brand is not always the right way to go. Often, creating non-related content with a connection to your brand is refreshing and can get those 'share' buttons clicking towards brand recognition and more sales.